Mozilla's airborne leaflet propaganda tool

We build this crazy new campaigning tool for Mozilla’s advocacy team to make our voices heard!

Remember back in the days when planes spread campaigning messages by throwing thousands of leaflets out of planes? Today Moniker & Mozilla present you the digital equivalent.

The first application of the tool was used for the #fixcopyright campaign in May 2017 ➝ The EU’s current copyright framework – developed for a time before the Internet – can stymie innovation, preventing entrepreneurs from building on existing data or code. It can stifle creativity, making it technically illegal to create, share and remix memes and other online culture and content. Mozilla spreads the word about a possible change in copyright law that will affect all of us.

The idea to drop leaflets from the air to spread a political message stems from historical methods of leaflet bombs ➝ Filling a bomb with millions of sheets of paper and dropping them from the air so that big regions on the ground get covered with these leaflets and the messages get spread.

Today campaigning is not bound to physical restrictions anymore, with digital tools one can reach nearly every single soul on the planet. With we cover the virtual surface of planet earth with sheets of printed paper.

Campaign leaflets


How it works:

When opening the website, you find yourself floating above an iconic structure or building somewhere on the planet. (We started with the European Parliament in Brussels) On the bottom of the screen you have an endless pile of leaflets on your disposal.
With every click a leaflet is falling to the ground. Watching the leaflets tumbling down is pleasantly satisfying. While you are dropping leaflets, other people are dropping leaflets too.
You will feel the impact that you and your fellow

Paperstormers are having on the surface of the planet. The power of the crowd. On the top of the screen a countdown is showing how many sheets we (the Paperstormers) need to drop before the current target is notified for one last time and we move on to the next target.

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  • Production
  • Concept & Development
  • Design
    Jolana Sýkorová
  • Frontend Development
    Frederic Brodbeck Thomas Boland
  • Backend development
    Tjerk Woudsma
  • Commissioning editor, writer
    Mozilla Foundation: Brett Gaylor
  • DevOps
    Mozilla Foundation: Christopher De Cairos
  • Localisation
    Mozilla Foundation: Théo Chevalier